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Integration & Community

“If you want your life to change, you need to change something in your life.”


After decades of working with Native Sacred Medicines in Retreats and Dietas, we have helped thousands of people around the world in their integration process. 


By interacting with different cultures of the Western world, we have gained a clear understanding of where you come from and the challenges you will face when going back home. Through this approach, we have successfully developed a detailed set of instructions and guidelines that will help you apply the insights and information received during ceremonies in your daily life.


After your experience with Medicine Plants, which can be life-changing, the work is not over, actually it is just the beginning. A deep healing and awakening experience is only the start of your transformation, so it is important to have the tools, guidance and support that you will need throughout your integration process.

What is Integration?

Integration is the process of bringing the transformational lessons and insights received during your Plant Medicine ceremonies into your daily life. Only by understanding, accepting and embracing what you were given, will it be possible to identify what serves you and commit to take action and the necessary steps that will support a profound, conscious change in your life.


The integration process can involve change of habits and relationships. You might start viewing life from a new approach, being more conscious of your thoughts and actions, and identifying new goals and a meaningful life purpose. People, situations, and environments may remain the same back home, while you might have grown and changed through your experience. Your mind and ego will try to bring you back to your old self; only your awareness, will and determination to continue walking your transformation path, will be the cornerstone to leave behind all things that no longer serve you, ensuring a successful integration. 


At Chaka-Runa we don’t want your experience to become a short story or a good memory that vanishes in time. We want to make it the starting point of a tangible change in your life. That is why we strive to help you stay connected to what you accomplished in ceremonies, and prepare you for your next chapter with easy to follow, actionable guidelines, and online community support.

Our Integration Guidelines

Each one of us is different and walks a personal path, which is what makes us unique. Therefore, a universal recipe for integration does not exist. In our experience, we know that our Integration Guidelines will outline the actions that can complement and support your process back home, enhancing the benefits that you gained during your Plant Medicine journey so you can continue your growth, healing and awakening path. 


We also provide a follow-up online integration session 3 weeks after your Ayahuasca experience to help you process, maintain, and reinforce the positive outcomes of your ceremonies.


The following are the practices we recommend:


Stay away from crowds and noisy environments

After your Journeys, your vibration has been affected in a positive way, it has been lifted to a higher frequency. But at the same time, it is fragile and vulnerable and it needs time and space to be rooted and replace your old vibration. Furthermore, having gone through a process that has a deep impact in your body, emotions, mind, energy and spirit, you will remain open for at least 2 weeks. This is why it is recommended to avoid crowds, since you may be negatively affected by other people’s dense energies and low vibrations. Same thing goes for noisy environments. Loud noises, have a heavy, dense vibration, which is why we recommend a tranquil, soothing environment where you can feel at peace. Take into account that the Plant Medicine uses your body holes to deeply cleanse you, and these same body holes become the gates through which you can get contaminated again. Take care and be a good guard of your gates.


Don’t engage with low-energy, negative and toxic people and situations

Once back home after your Plant Medicine process, your emotional body will be really open and vulnerable; your senses will be enhanced and you will be very sensitive. This means you have to avoid situations that can get you involved in any  discussion that could end up bringing dense energies and heavy verbalizations, which will have a negative impact in your integration process. This also goes for negative, toxic people that may raise low emotions within you and will probably try to pull you back to old, unhealthy habits. Remember, you become who you walk with. It is strongly recommended to quit this type of relationships and situations.


Keep a healthy, light diet
A native traditional principle we follow before our Retreats and Dietas is cleansing and detoxifying the body through a light, healthy diet. This allows you to achieve an optimal condition to get the most out of your Plant Medicine experience. In the same way, following this tradition, you should keep this diet for at least two weeks after your last ceremony. Ingesting processed, unhealthy and hard-to-digest foods, will slow down your integration process. Also this tends to spiral into other unhealthy decisions like excessive eating, smoking, drinking etc. pushing you back to old, destructive habits. We highly recommend eating consciously and natural whole foods in the weeks following your ceremonies, to make progress on the path to a more healthy and conscious life.


Engage in creative, uplifting activities
Deep in our core, we are essentially emotional and creative beings. We all have unique ways of expressing ourselves, unfortunately most of our day goes to analyzing and overthinking. After a deep Plant Medicine process, your mind will be very present and will try to analyze everything that you went through. Participating in creative activities by yourself or with other people, such as dancing, playing or listening to music, writing, painting, among others is recommended. These activities will allow you to reconnect with yourself, express your thoughts and feelings, relax, nurture your spirit and keep your emotions at ease. It is also recommended to be present, in the here and now through practices like meditation, breathing techniques and yoga, and even better if you engage in these activities outdoors and surrounded by nature. Finally, it is highly recommended to read self improvement books and watch motivational documentaries.


Stay alert to messages and signs for the next 6 months
Even though you have participated in our Plant Medicine programs, the process isn’t over, in reality it has just started. The Plant Medicine spirit and energy will stay with you for a long time after you return back home, and most of the insights you got during your journeys will become increasingly clear and meaningful, in the months to follow. In addition to incorporating our Integration Guidelines, we also recommend that you stay alert for new messages and signs that may present to you in different, curious ways in your daily life. These all have meaning and are no coincidence, and might come to you through dreams, situations, people, opportunities, nature, among others. It’s good to stay aware, alert and open for new insights, for they will keep coming for a while. 


Develop a plan to achieve your goals

When back at home you will most likely have a long list of purposes, goals and things you want to change or improve. The best way to put your messages and insights to practice is to review and assign priorities, depending on what is more important for you to achieve. Then you can develop a plan of action, and outline a specific strategy to take the necessary steps towards your goals. 

We also recommend to avoid trying to achieve all your goals at once, some may be easy and fast, but others could demand more effort, energy and time to be achieved. It is a good practice to divide them in Short, Medium and Long term goals, setting a clear and feasible timeline, which should not create stress, but only serve you as guide and reference.


Reduce negative input from news and media

Media and news are always loaded with heavy, low energy situations that can have a negative impact on your Integration process. We recommend to reduce all exposure to drama, negativity and violence coming from the outside world. It’s better if you refrain from these because you might be absorbed and influenced. You are Here and Now, which means you have to focus on yourself and your surrounding daily environment. All the insights and messages for your healing and transformation lay within you, but they need time and space to be strongly rooted, in order to have the desired long term effect.  


Don’t take any crucial decisions 

During your Plant Medicine healing journeys you might be profoundly touched emotionally and wonderful feelings of love and bliss may come to you. When going back home, you might feel the urge to share your feelings with all the people around you, this is good, but should be done with awareness. You will be open and vulnerable; it is not advisable to take any crucial or important decisions related to your family, relationships, work and business, since in this first stage you may not be thinking rationally, but instead emotionally, which is not always the best approach for decision-making. We advise to be patient and don’t rush into any commitments nor take any life-changing actions and decisions, at least during the first month after your experience. 

Keep your experience to yourself

After a Plant Medicine process, you may feel really enthusiastic, euphoric and willing  to share your experience and new life approach with your family, loved ones and friends. Take into consideration that you may have grown and changed during your journey, but all people back home will remain the same. They will still be living their normal lives and most likely they will not be in the right frame of mind to understand your process, which could generate frictions and judgement in regards to your choice of working with sacred medicines. This may have a negative impact in your integration process creating low emotions within you. We highly recommend to keep your experience to yourself for a while, or reach out to the Chaka-Runa community that will always be there to support you and give you advice if needed.


Refrain from alcohol, medications and drugs 

After your experience it’s crucial to keep your temple clean, since the Plant Medicine will stay within you for the upcoming months, still giving you important messages and communicating with you in many different ways. Also, it is important to be aware that the Plant Medicine remains in your body and system after your journey, so there is still a chance of negative interactions with the drugs and medications specified in our Medical Guidelines. It is necessary to refrain from taking drugs, medications and alcohol for at least two weeks after your Retreat or Dieta to avoid any risks and complications. After this period of time, we strongly recommend to drop any destructive behaviors and maintain your temple clean. Know that if you go back to alcohol and drugs, the Plant Medicine will not be able to communicate with you anymore, since you will lower your vibration and no longer be open to receive new insights that will help you during your integration process. 


The Chaka-Runa Community

A community is a group of people with a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common interests, beliefs and goals. When we are part of a supportive and inspiring community we feel safer, grow stronger and learn more from each other.  


After your Plant Medicine experience with us, you will leave the group and head back home, and this quick change of setting can be hard and confusing. You might feel like you don’t have anyone to talk to, since most people won’t understand what you went through. Furthermore, you might face those that don't accept and judge your decision to go through this alternative medicine path. 


This is why Chaka-Runa has created an online global community so you feel supported and part of our family during your integration process. This is a safe space where you can ask questions, share your experience and connect with like-minded people that went through a similar journey and are happy to share their positive insights and useful information.


Join the Chaka-Runa family and be part of our worldwide awakened tribe!

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