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Q'ero Nation Pilgrimage

We invite you to join us in a wonderful 7-day pilgrimage to the Q’ero Nation. We will live in their community and learn from the Q’ero Andean elder shamans who are known to be the “Keepers of The Key”. This community of Native and Paqos (shamans/mystics) are the last descendants of the Inca high priests lineage. They are one of the few civilizations on Earth that have kept their ancient teachings, secret codes and Inca spiritual cosmovision intact and alive for centuries.  


At 4,800 meters, while ascending above the clouds, you will feel the undeniable and breathtaking power of Pachamama, unveiling its beautiful rivers, lakes, magical Apus and clear starry nights. The Q’eros give back to nature through their sacred offerings, and when participating in the ritual you will understand the true meaning of Respect and Humbleness.


This is a really special experience, for the Q’eros are not easily reachable. Since we support them through social activities, they open their doors and invite us twice a year to their village to share their knowledge and experience their way of life. Being non-invasive is a must when sharing their stone-made homes, food and sacred spaces, for we are their guests and part of their family during our stay. 


A pilgrimage is always challenging and demands some effort. There will be long trekkings at high altitudes across the mountains. The weather is usually sunny during daytime, but can also get windy, cold and rainy. During the night the temperature drops below 0°C (32°F). The accommodation is raw, in harmony with nature, with no electricity, running water, cell service or Internet. We will provide sleeping bags to stay in their little stone-made cabañas.


If you are a spiritual warrior and in good health conditions, this is your chance to go back to basics, leaving behind your modern world so you can understand how it is possible to be at peace with little and in balance with Mother Earth. 

Program Details


Duration: 7 Days

Location: Q’ero Nation - Cusco 

Price: US$ 1,900

Availability: See Calendar


What’s Included: 

  • Local transportation

  • Anthropologist guide

  • Quechua / English translator

  • Q’ero Cosmovision Lecture

  • Despacho group ceremony at arrival

  • Personal Q’ero Shaman Despacho-Haywarikuy Ceremony

  • Coca Leaves Reading with Q’ero Shaman

  • Visit to Ausangate Apu for Despacho and Otorongo Qocha for Cleansing Ceremony

  • Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain Visit

  • 8 nights / 9 days accommodation in Cusco (2 nights) / Q’ero (6 nights)

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner


What’s Not Included:

  • Personal accommodation before and after the program

  • Personal expenses and meals outside of the program

  • Airfares to and from Peru and to and from Cusco

  • Travel insurance

  • Personal healthcare expenses if needed

  • Peruvian Visa (if necessary)

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