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We Are Here, We Are Now

We are a community that believes humankind has lost its original spiritual path, blinded by fear, materialism, greed and selfishness. 

But most importantly, a community that knows we still have the chance to open our eyes, recover our human essence, go back to our origins of light and walk towards the path of love and compassion, allowing us to reconnect with our true selves and with our Mother Earth. 

We believe there is a higher purpose in this life, and we feel that this purpose lies in the ancient wisdom that plants and animals' spirits carry within. To us there is no wiser source than Nature and the Universe.

Our Mission

Provide the most authentic, safe, exciting shamanic experience, helping people heal and raise their consciousness to reconnect with themselves, allowing them to unveil their true purpose, live a meaningful life and be part of an awakened community.  

Our Vision

Through our work we want to spark a profound, conscious shift in humanity for the betterment of our world.

Our Values









The World We Visualize

  • A new age in which we overcome borders, cultures, races and beliefs through Unity in Diversity to become one tribe that celebrates life in symbiosis with Nature, acknowledging our Ancestors and respecting Pachamama and the Source.

  • A world that embraces the legal use of Entheogenic Medicines, so anybody in need of them can have access to their benefits in a safe, sustainable way.

  • A planet that preserves the true core Ancient Shamanic Wisdom unchanged throughout the constant evolution of humans, beliefs systems, and technology.

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