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Amazon Dieta

This Dieta is held in one of the most untouched places on the planet: The Amazon Rainforest of Peru. 

The Jungle Experience | 15 or 10-Day Dieta

The Amazon Dieta takes place in January and February deep in the Jungle of Pucallpa. This program is designed for people that want to go deep in their healing and awakening process in total isolation while experiencing the Amazon; the realm of The Mother.

You will reconnect with yourself while immersing in the majestic and powerful energy of the rainforest surrounded by all sorts of Palos, or Master Trees, Medicine Plants, and natural wildlife. Along pristine rivers and waterfalls and hiking through the wilderness you will be able to feel the spirits of the plants and animals that inhabit the jungle.


We invite you to join us as guests in “Her” kingdom.

For booking your spot in the Program:

  • Contact us to apply to one of the programs

  • Download the Application Form PDF you will get in your email

  • Fill the Application Form and agree with the Terms and Conditions

  • Send back your Application Form PDF for review and approval 

  • Once approved you will receive the payment information to make your US$ 500 reservation deposit fee and the remaining payments schedule

  • Send a screenshot of your deposit

The Dieta Program

On the arrival day to the Retreat Center in the Amazon, Don Gino will give you a warm welcome and make you feel safe and part of our family. Then the whole group will gather in the dining for lunch, where he will explain the wonderful process you are about to go through and answer any questions. This is also where you will be able to meet everyone and become part of the beautiful community that will support you during your entire stay. 


Later on, Don Gino will have a one-on-one conversation with you. The aim is to create a bond and understand what you are bringing into the ceremonies. This will give him the information and tools to provide a personal healing experience, opening the right doors for the medicine to go where it is most needed. This personal approach has shown outstanding healing and awakening results on people from all walks of life around the world. In the evening, the group will gather in the dining room to have a last supper before opening the Dieta. 

The Dieta starts the next morning when the whole group gathers around the Maloca for the Amazonian plants’ flowering bath, which will cleanse you from the heavy energies brought from the cities and give you energetic protection through your Dieta process. The first Plant Medicine ceremony will be held on the same day at night. 

The next four Plant Medicine ceremonies will take place every other day throughout the remainder of the program. During the Dieta, a liter of Master Plants tea will be distributed daily to each participant. Drinking this tea is an important part of the Dieta, for it will help you connect with the spirits of the plants, allowing the Plant Medicine to work better within you.


On the third day, the Kambo, Rapé and Sananga Ceremony will take place. This Ceremony will deeply cleanse your emotional and physical bodies, resetting your energy field. The 4-day Visionary Painting Workshop and the Charango (Andean Guitar) Classes will start on the same day, and will be held in between Plant Medicine ceremony days. This will spark your creativity and allow you to express yourself, helping with your transformation and healing process, while also learning to play medicine music and Icaros. 


During the Dieta, we will visit the surrounding waterfalls, where you will be able to dive into natural emerald-green pools. This will help you relax and put your mind at ease while receiving the powerful healing of these crystal waters surrounded by the dense jungle, preparing you for the last ceremony. 


The 5th and closing ceremony is held during daytime. This feels like a celebration full of joy that brings a deeper connection among the group, creating a community with a long-lasting bond. By the end of this ceremony, Don Gino will cut your Dieta by serving you a spoon of an old Mestizo-Shipibo recipe, which will make you appreciate the food and tastes we take for granted in our daily lives. This is truly an incredible and unforgettable experience to conclude a long and challenging journey.


On the same day after lunch, for the final closure, the whole group will gather in the Maloca where Don Gino will explain the Post-Dieta Instructions and Integration Guidelines, that will help you when going back home.

Accommodation and Food


The retreat center is a raw and traditional native settlement, isolated in the middle of the vast Peruvian Amazon jungle. It is located 20 minutes away by river to the closest town. It consists of an open ceremonial Maloca, a common dining area and 40 isolated personal tambos that are spread throughout the jungle. The entire retreat center is interconnected by enchanting paths and wooden bridges. 

The accommodation is raw, in harmony with nature, with no electricity, running water, cell service or Internet. Nonetheless, the tambos are beautiful and include only what you need: a bed with a mosquito net, a hammock, a table and chair, drawers for your clothes, a big water dispenser, a towel, a broom, toilet paper, candles, matches, mosquito spirals and rubber boots. 


The tambos have no walls and the only thing separating you from the jungle is a see-through mosquito net, so you will be able to hear, feel and smell the jungle and how it talks to you through its soothing, natural sounds. Each tambo also has its own natural, open composting toilet. Since chemical toiletry products, such as toothpaste, deodorant and shampoo are not allowed, you will be given baking soda to brush your teeth and Guayusa leaves to soothe and cleanse yourself in the crystal clear waters of the river that runs along the retreat center.  

If you are a spiritual warrior and in good health conditions, this is your chance to go back to basics, leaving behind your modern world to realize that you can also be at peace with little and in balance with Mother Earth. 


The food is light, fresh and healthy, prepared daily from organic, pesticide-free, local sources. All meals during the Dieta are free from salt, sugar, spices, dairy and red meat. It is thoughtfully designed for the process to avoid getting in ceremony on a heavy stomach. Two meals a day will be served (breakfast and lunch), and coca leaves and herbal teas will be available at all times. The Dieta is based on the Mestizo traditions and the menu includes rice, potato, quinoa, dried banana, carrots and eggs.


After cutting the Dieta, we will enjoy amazing native Peruvian cuisine with vegan and vegetarian options. If you have any special dietary requirements please advise us upon receiving confirmation of your participation.


Amazon I: Jan 19th - Feb 04th

Amazon II: Feb 08th - Feb 18th

Option 1

Regular Price:

15 days: US$ 3,500

10 days: US$ 2,300

Payments in parts:
1. US$ 600 to save your spot
2. US$ 1,450 / US$ 850 before 15.10.2023
3. US$ 1,450 / US$ 850 before 15.12.2023


Option 2

Former participant:
You can save 5% if you already did a Dieta with Don Gino.

15 days: US$ 3,320
10 days: US$ 2,180


Payments in parts:
1. US$ 700 to save your spot
2. US$ 1,410 / US$ 740 before 15.10.2023
3. US$ 1,410 / US$ 740 before 15.12.2023


Option 3

Save 5% when you decide to go for the early bird before 15.08.2023

One Payment:
15 days: US$ 3,320
10 days: US$ 2,180


Option 4

Save 10% if you are a Former Dieta participant and you choose to pay the early bird before the 15.08.2023

One payment:
15 days: US$ 3,150
10 days: US$ 2,070

Option 5

Save 15% If you decide to do a back to back dieta:
25 days: US$ 4,930
(Accommodation and food for the days in between in Pucallpa are NOT covered)


Payments in parts:
1. US$ 1,330 prepayment to save your spot
2. US$ 1,800 before 15.10.2023
3. US$ 1,800 before 15.12.2023

You can Save an extra 5% if you take the Early Bird and pay US$ 4,640 before 15.08.2023

Please let us know which Dieta you want to join and which option you decide to take. Your spot will be confirmed once your application form is approved and we receive your payment confirmation.

Program Details


What’s Included:

  • Pre-Dieta instructions and safety guidelines

  • One-on-one conversation with Don Gino Chaka-Runa at arrival

  • Sharing circles the morning after each ceremony

  • Daily intake of Master Plants tea

  • On-site Master Medicine Plants lecture tour 

  • 5 Plant Medicine ceremonies with Don Gino Chaka-Runa

  • 1 Personal cleansing and healing Arkana

  • 1 Floral Bath for cleansing and protection

  • Mapacho, Chacapa and Agua Florida cleansing during each ceremony

  • Palo Santo / Smudge personal cleansing before ceremonies

  • Rapé servings during ceremonies

  • Visit to the local waterfalls

  • Participation in our circles of music

  • Talks on consciousness and life awareness

  • Peruvian Shamanism group talks

  • 11 nights / 12 days accommodation

  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the city

  • Breakfast and lunch during the Dieta

  • Pick-up / Drop-off at Pucallpa airport

  • Post-Dieta instructions and guidelines


  • Kambo, Rapé and Sananga Ceremony | In the morning on the second day and in the morning the day before the last ceremony: US$ 150 each ceremony

Charango Workshop | 5 days, 1h each day: US$ 200

  • Osteopathy | Each therapy 1h: US$ 100

Available Discounts (only on Dieta prices, not applicable to Add-Ons):

  • Early Bird: 5% (When saving your spot early!)

  • Former Participant: 5% (When you have participated in any Chaka-Runa Dieta or Retreat before)

  • Back-to-Back: 15% (When paying for 2 or more Amazon Dietas)

What’s Not Included: 

  • Personal accommodation before and after the program

  • Personal expenses and meals outside of the program

  • Airfares to and from Peru and to and from Pucallpa

  • Travel insurance

  • Personal healthcare expenses if needed

  • Peruvian Visa (if necessary)

AM Price / Payment
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