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Everything We Do, We Do From The Heart

Chaka-Runa is a Non-Profit Organization with the purpose of helping in the process of waking up Humanity by using Ancient Shamanic Knowledge. 

Our work is structured in four pillars:


Healing & Awakening

Our mission is to bridge you to the spiritual world to heal, reconnect and align your body, heart, mind and spirit, so you can unveil the path towards your true purpose in life.


Our goal is to develop The Chaka-Runa Retreat Center, a suitable and eco-friendly space in Peru that will serve for the following:

  • Provide an effective and safe process of deep natural healing and awakening through Retreats and Dietas.

  • Share ancient shamanic knowledge.

  • Organize seminars, symposiums, press conferences and celebrations.

  • Promote a sustainable, responsible use of sacred medicines.


Unveil & Share The Knowledge

Through history, Ancient Shamanic Knowledge has always been kept within a family lineage or community in order to protect it from being misused.


During the last 10 years, there has been a big boom in the use of psychedelics, and people from all over the world are coming to Peru to learn about Ancient Shamanic Knowledge from native or mestizo shamans. However, this knowledge is disappearing because the younger generations are not willing to follow the elder shaman's path.


Because of the increased interest in Native Sacred Medicines and the economic benefits that come with it, a lot of young shamans are now providing ceremonies under unsafe and unethical practices. Therefore, people that come to Peru seeking an authentic experience rarely get access to the elderly, qualified shamans. 


This is why we strive to bridge people to the true Ancient Shamanic Knowledge.


Support Native Communities

Most of the Native Shamanic Communities in South America, and in particular in Peru, live in very poor, raw conditions. Nonetheless, they are amazingly passionate, talented hard workers, eager to share their rich, ancient culture with the world. Unluckily they don't have the proper tools to trade their handcrafts in a larger scale.  


This is why we have developed alliances with several Native Shamanic Communities for them to be able to share their products worldwide through our digital platform.


We will support native communities by bridging their products to the world, through Ethical Fair Trade. 


Promote Sustainability

The growing trend of using alternative natural medicines has led to an increased consumption of Sacred Plants in the last few years, resulting in a non-sustainable harvest of many of these medicinal plants.​ 


The Plant Medicine and other Master Plants are now in the spotlight. Lots of people are coming to Peru and other countries in South America to consume them, which has caused an exponentially increase in their demand. Furthermore, most of the retreat centers that offer medicine plants' services lack sustainable practices.


Since there are very few active reforestation programs, we will soon witness a big scarcity of the Plant Medicine brew and other Native Medicine Plants.


This is why we will promote Sacred Plants' sustainability through a reforestation program that aims for the creation of a Master Plants Eco-farm.

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